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Our History
In 1985, noted scientist and holistic therapist Hubertus Trouillé created the unique Almased® formula to treat and improve the metabolism of his patients in Germany. Based on their results, Almased® was found to be very effective for losing weight and supporting psychological and physical performance. Today, more than 25 years after Almased®'s invention, the company is owned and operated by Hubertus Trouillé's son, André Trouillé. Almased® is still manufactured under the same quality standards and patented processes as it was when originally developed and is the best-selling weight loss product in Germany. In 1998, Almased® USA, Inc. was founded to bring the remarkable Almased® products to Americans who seek to achieve or maintain their ideal weight while enhancing their overall health and wellness.

Our Mission
Almased®'s mission is to provide individuals with all-natural products to support health, increase energy and promote weight loss.

The Almased® Formula
Our premier product, Almased®, is a powder made from the purest all-natural ingredients using a unique manufacturing process. It is made from soy protein, honey enzymes, and skim milk yogurt powder that complement each other through a fermentation process and work together in a synergistic way. When combined, these ingredients are more effective than if used individually - this is how Almased® supplies the body with highly effective nutrients for the best possible metabolism. In addition to the Almased® powder, we also offer an herbal Wellness Tea.

Scientifically Supported
Almased® is backed by several clinical studies from universities in Germany and the United States. Unlike many nutritional formulas that refer to studies conducted with mixtures or pharmaceutical substances related to their product, Almased® is supported by clinical studies of the product itself. Our customers can trust in the research behind the product. Additionally, the International Journal of Obesity reported the beneficial effects of Almased® on overweight and obese individuals. Research has also revealed that Almased® can support healthy blood levels in people with diabetes, as well as improve the overall well-being of healthy individuals.

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